Peruvian Chilies

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Peruvian Chilies

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Peruvian Cuisine

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    About Peruvian Chilies


    Peruvian Chilies

    There is something particular about chilies: they add color, savor, aroma, and sometimes they can be spicy. Chilies can sharpen body sensations, dilate taste buds and lead to discover an explosion of flavors in the mouth. Chilies can also have healing properties and were used as offerings to their gods by ancient civilizations. Nowadays, they are the soul of the Peruvian cuisine, a leading trend in the gastronomic world.


    Chilies in the Peruvian Cuisine

    • Not all Peruvian Chilies are spicy hot. The word chili usually refers to the Capsicum Baccatum specie, but not all chilies grown in Peru belong to this class.
    • According to Biodiversity International, Peru is one the top countries in terms of varieties of chilies along the five domesticated species (C. annuum L., C. baccatum L., C. chinense L., y C. frutescens L., C. pubescens Ruiz & Pav.).
    • There are nearly 300 varieties of chilies cultivated by more than three million small farmers scattered along the Peruvian land.
    • Chilies have a long tradition in the Peruvian cuisine and have been found in several archeological excavations.
    • Peru is the world´s third largest producer and exporter of dry chilies in the world after India and China (FAOStat)
    • Some of the most popular chilies in Peru are : Aji Amarillo, Aji Mirasol, Aji Limo, Aji Panca and Rocoto.
    • Chilies are popular in Peruvian cuisine, like in ceviche, tiradito, causa, anticucho, rocoto relleno and hundreds more.

    Peruvian Traditional Cuisine

    Arroz con mariscos
    Causa rellena
    Ceviche de pescado
    Jalea mixta
    Lomo saltado
    Pulpo al olivo
    Solterito arequipeno
    Suspiro limeno



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